Partner University, USA
>   Indiana University of Pennsylvania(IUP), U.S.A.
>   Visit www.iup.edu to know more

Inclusive Summer Training, Industry Visits and Sightseeing – 2015 at IUP, U.S.A.

At Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), Pa. (www.iup.edu)

The 9-Global invite students to enroll, get visa and be ready to fly on 15 June 2015 for 26 days of the most empowering Certificate in Management – a perfect career option for Global Job Prospects or admission in accredited MBA degree from IUP, USA.

Total assistance including hassle-free US Visa, air-ticket and insurance with secure value for money by the expert team of 9Global. Interested students can make application with initial deposit of Rs. 28,000 for IUP’s invitation, Visa application and counseling for group interview at US Embassy.

Mail to: admissions@9-global.com